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What is it?

Photogrammetry is a field of engineering dealing with the acquisition of information about physical objects and their environment by recording, measurement and interpretation of remotely obtained images. Photogrammetric measurement gives information about the shape of the object, its location relative to other objects in space, possibly displaced or deformed.

Images which use photogrammetry can be recorded at different wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation: most of them are recorded in the radiation in the visible range, but is also used near and medium infrared, thermal infrared, microwaves, X-rays. These images are recorded by sensors suitable for the type of radiation, namely: for visible and infrared wavelengths in cameras and scanners are used, for microwaves - the special receivers and microwave radars and for X-rays - X-ray camera.


The main advantages of photogrammetry are:


  • objective measurements obtained through remote data acquisition, remote data collection and lack of contact with the measured object (for passive tracking systems), which gives no effect on the measurement results,

  • possibility of measure any number of points on the images, the image is archived data set, which can be used any number of times

  • high accuracy, for so-called. close range photogrammetry (distance imaging below 300m) of the order of 1 / 10 000 of the distance.

  • great variety of measurement of objects and phenomena occurring on them, obtained by the ability to measurements at different wavelengths

  • dynamic process recording

  • possibility of complete automation of measurement

For more information about photogrammetry please refer to: www.geoforum.pl

  • Methods of measuring human body

    Methods of measuring human body

    Non-contact methods of measuring the human body.

  • The aim of measurement

    The genesis of the system is the concept of a dynamic model to maintain upright posture of man. It measures the changes in rotation, deviation or marked segments - components of bone, markers carried on the body surface. Measurement allows you to compare the actual to the optimal setting.

  • Assumptions of the measuring system

    Assumptions of the measuring system

    Simultaneous measurement of selected points throughout the patient's body, both front and rear, registration of digital cameras, possible to minimize the number of cameras, modest needs of the surface on the measuring system, authorial creating system.

  • System PBE

    System PBE


    The system software allows on load and display the images side by side, the measurement of the photographs, perform calculations, present results in graphical and tabular form. It also includes a database of patients.

  • System automation

    System automation

  • Assessment of Photogrametrical Body Explorer

    Photogrametrical Body Explorer is a computer system for creating three-dimensional models of the human body shape. In its creation have used the knowledge and experience in the field of medicine and science of photogrammetry.

  • Publications concerning Photogrametrical Body Explorer