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Conferences in 2009

6th International Conference on Computer Recognition Systems Cores

Jelenia Gora, Poland, 22-25.05.2009
Layers eye recognition in tomographic image based on random contour analysis.(Authors: Koprowski R., Wróbel Z.)
Hierarchic approach in the analysis of tomographic image eye. (Authors: Koprowski R., Wróbel Z.)

IX Symposium "Modelling and Measurements in Medicine"

Krynica, 10-14.05.2009
Automatic temperature measurement based on the thermograms of headache diagnosis (co-authors of Marzec M., Koprowski R., Wróbel Z.)

International Fuzzy Systems Association, IFSA World Congress

Lisbon, 20-24.07.2009
Hierarchic Approach in the Analysis of Tomographic Image Eye (co-authors: R. Koprowski, Z. Wrobel)

XXXVIII Conference of Mathematics Applied

Zakopane, 8-15.09.2009
The methods of image analysis and processing to detect oct layers (co-authors: R. Koprowski, Z. Wrobel)

IX KK thermography and infrared thermometry

Ustroń, 23-24.10.2009
Automatic measurement of temperature on the thermograms in the diagnosis of headache (co-authors: Marzec M., Koprowski R., Wróbel Z.)

Decision Support Systems

Zakopane, 7-10.12.2009
Automatic measurement of the angle of the OCT image of the eye (co-authors: R. Koprowski, Z. Wrobel)

Conferences in 2001


Decision Support Systems

Zakopane, Poland, 8-10 December 2001
The use of methods of identification of objects in the infrared research of patients with spinal curvatures.

III Symposium "Modelling and Measurements in Medicine"

Krynica, 7-11 May 2001
Application of morphological transformations of the image in the diagnosis of lateral spinal curvatures.

Conferences in 2000

IV Conference "Computer aided systems of science, industry and transport TRANSSCOMP"
Zakopane, Poland, 6-8 December 2000
Visualization system of the drilling head location in horizontal directional drills.
Evaluation of the Characteristics of metrological measurment drilling head location in horizontal directional drills.

IV National Conference on Thermal and Infrared Thermometry

Lodz, Poland 16-18 November 2000
Thermographic image processing in Matlab.

International Conference on Medical Informatics and Technologies "

Ustroń, Poland 8-10 November 2000
Computerised system for detecting forms in the urine combined with the microscope analysis.

8-th European Congress of Medical Thermology 3-rd National Congress of the Italian Association of Thermology

Italy, 8-9 September 2000
The termographical picture of children and youths spine.

II Metrology Conference 2000

Rzeszów - Sycamore, 11-15 September 2000
The evaluation of accuracy temperature measurement a paraspinal areas of based on the infrared images.

XVI School Biomechanics

Warszawa - Mikolajki, 10-13 September 2000
A simplified analysis of thermal image of the spine in scoliosis diagnosis.

II Symposium "Modelling and Measurements in Medicine," MPM '2000

Krynica Gorska, Poland 8-12 May 2000
Gait pathology assessment system using accelerometric spatial analysis.

Wave methods and mechanics in biomedical engineering

Zakopane, Poland 2005-2007 April 2000
The surveillance system for cell growth in biotechnology reactors.

Conferences in 1999

XI National Scientific Conference "Biocybernetics and Biomedical Engineering"

Warsaw, Poland 11-12 December 1999
Morphological analysis of the iris of the eye in developing diagnostic algorithms.

Second National Conference on "Methods and computer systems in research and engineering design"

Krakow, Poland 25-27 October 1999
Evaluation of error associated with a discrete structure of the digital image mapping the geometry of the object being measured.

First National Congress of Biotechnology

Wroclaw, 20-25 September 1999
Microcomputer control of sterilization process, the flow of air and liquids.

XXXI Conference of the Inter-Metrologists

Bialystok, Poland 7-10 September 1999
Virtual systems in the measurement of reactive power for circuits with non-sinusoidal waveforms.

Conference on Computer Recognition Systems KOSYR'99

Trzebieslawice, Poland 24-27 May 1999
Microcomputer transcutaneous gauge concentrations of chemicals in the blood.

World Congress "Applications of Technology and Science Achievement in Medicine"

Lodz, Poland, September 1999 2007-2009
Interactive computer system for measuring the angle of bending and extension in the hip.
Automatic control of the urine flow for the cases of the acquired dysfunction's of the urine bladder.
Computerised system for detecting cell forms in the urine combined with the microscope analysis.

Conference ASIS'1999

Czech Republic, 3-4 September 1999
Simulation of object of man on the ground of measurements Obtained in hydropathy.

IV K. NT "Computer Applications in Electrical Engineering"

Poznan / Kiekrz, 12-14 April 1999
Energy and power systems with non-sinusoidal waveforms - a model research.