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Automation of measurement on digital images in the photometric system to research posture

Automatyzacja pomiaru na obrazach cyfrowych w systemie fotometrycznym do badania wad postawy

The book is related with the three-dimensional positioning of the body and purpose using image processing methods. It is available in the publication AGH

This book is meant for people interested in issues of body positioning. Subjects discussed concerns both the medical aspects, as well as photogrammetry and information with particular emphasis on image processing. Interdisciplinary nature allows for a broader look at the overall three-dimensional positioning of the body with particular emphasis on the full automation of the measurement.

On the market there are several very good books circulating similar issues, but only some treat the problem of positioning the body in three dimensions as a disciplinary matter, in which case, close cooperation is necessary physician and computer scientist photogrammetry.

In particular, a lack of studies devoted to methods of measuring body photogrammetric, but photogrammetric methods can provide reliable and objective results (since acquired remotely, having no effect on the measured object), with adequate accuracy, and the current state of the art - in a reasonably short time.

The monograph presents an overview of research aiming to optimize the photogrammetric system for the contactless measurement of the human body. The aim of the presented work was to develop a theoretical foundation, and create algorithms based on their software for automatic detection, measurement and identification of photogrammetric measurement system, and verify the accuracy of automatic measurement and verification methods developed in the conditions of a running system in the clinic.

ISBN: 978-83-7464-095-4

124 stron

oprawa: twarda

Rok wydania: 2007

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